Tanker in Vietnamese seawater. Marine service and ship repair in Vietnam


SAIGON SHIP REPAIR AND SERVICE CO., LTD (SSRS – TOTAL SHIP REPAIR SOLUTION) has been established as a ship repair company in Vietnam with a mission to provide the best possible support to all ships in Vietnamese waters through our dedicated services.

SSRS is a skilled team has a wealth of experience in shipbuilding, the oil and gas industry, and flexible marine services, specializing in ship repair in Vietnam. Starting with new ship construction projects, we have expanded to provide ship repair and maintenance services. With excellent partnerships with other marine companies in Vietnam, we are confident in our ability to provide a range of services, including general repair, electronic repair, material supply, and ship repair in dry dock, as well as maintenance cleaning service.

So far, we are a certified company with WPS and qualified welders, and we strive to bring you more benefits through our services. Our goal is to ensure that your ship is in a seaworthy and safe condition, and we offer a wide range of ship repair and maintenance services to achieve this.

Our mission:To secure, protect, and maintain the longevity of ships and their equipment, we provide professional, integrated solutions and specialized services.

Our vision: To become the most reliable and preferred solution provider for ship repair and asset preservation, we prioritize safety and ethical business practices in all of our operations. As a brokerage, we aim to collaborate with both domestic and international partners, not only in Vietnam but also around the world, to provide the best repair services at a competitive price to ensure the completion of your vessel’s voyage.

Our core value: Best price – Quality best – Experience, Excellence.

Your total ship repair solution: Always strive to execute our tasks to the best of our ability and capabilities, ensuring that we achieve the highest quality while keeping the time taken for completion to a minimum. Our commitment is to be available to serve you anytime, anywhere, and for any task (Anything- Anytime – Anywhere).

Finally, our repair service is the ideal solution for Ship Owners, Brokers, Technicians, and Fleet Managers in Vietnamese waters. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information provided. We will provide you with the best quotation in the shortest possible time.

  • Phone number/ WhatsApp: +84 909 461 391
  • Contact email: sg@saigonshiprepair.com


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